artistoldprofAround 36,000 years ago there was a flickering firelight at the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc that gave a creative need in the caveman to draw over 442 animals over 400,000 square feet of rock. Roughly 75,000 years a person carved parallel patterns in a piece of red ocher. The Lowenmensch that is over 40,000 years old is the first found evidence of man showing an object completely imaginary, part man and part lion. These are few of the examples of how man began giving creative expression to the culture and population. Scientist believe that as populations boomed the normal questions of life came into play for primate man as much as modern man. What are life’s mysteries?

So why is it in the modern world an artist is only thought of as someone that just creates? We mostly live on the dole doing drugs and pretending to work at our “art” that some feel their children can do. Artists through the ages have shown that not every member of this profession fits the “starving” artist myth. We are told we should get a real job, well excuse me, this is my job!

The word art derives from the Latin “ars” which means “skill method” or “technique” and conveys a connotation of beauty. Many contemporary definitions are highly contingent on the culture the artist comes from, but mostly the modern concept is a person who expresses themselves through a medium.

Being creative is like breathing, if you cannot do it you cease to exist. The idea that working a 9 to 5 job is the only way to have a profession is ridiculous. Being able to bare your soul for others to pick at, creating every day, managing your business, marketing the business, applications for exhibition space, developing new concepts, keeping up with education of your skills daily plus the skills to manage the many faced aspects of being an artist (website html, marketing, programs for developing marketing, etc.), customer relations for taking on commissions, galleries, etc. and inventory management… that is a lot more work than most occupations today.

So what if some of us barely scrap to make a living while others make thousands. We are all out here busting our rump to creative what our minds tells us that we “must” create. Finding the right public for your pieces can be quite challenging, but it doesn’t make us less an artist. There are rungs up the ladder in every profession.

Stand up proud to call yourself an artist! We have been around far longer than most occupations today. Next time someone tells you to find “a real job” ask them how many hours they put in this week and tell them how many you put in over their “real job” hours. Talk to them about being a part of the oldest profession and we are always going to be around.

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Artist…World’s Oldest Profession
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