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How can you really live forever

posted on 18.11.2018 by in Entertainment & Arts

DYING is an inevitable part of life and there is no way humans will be able to biologically live forever, scientists have confirmed. Have we found a way to LIVE FOREVER? However, just because ageing cannot be prevented biologically, scientists are working to help the human race. "No one wants to live forever at 95 years old, but if you could rejuvenate the body to 29 . "By , it will only really be for the rich and famous. pushing for a life that lasts at least a couple of decades more,” says the magazine. But can we really live forever and, if so, would we want to?.

Can we live longer? As we're a species programmed to be constantly dissatisfied , how long is good enough? Well then, can we live forever?. Do you want to live forever? For the past century, it seems the chances you might have been increasing. There are more than seven times as. So our fellow here: H Hamze is seemingly annoyed(?) with that kind of question. Let me tell you my friend (the one who asked the question), that, "wrong.

How to Outsmart Your Gross Body and Live Forever “So some really profound thing has to happen if we're going to [change that].”. “Forever” is no longer unthinkable, which grates against our Learning to live forever .. Hundreds of families told us what really happened. Whether you're petrified of dying - or would simply like to experience more life cycles - there are plenty of options to help you live forever.