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How surnames were given

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A surname, family name, or last name is the portion (in some .. For example, Abraham Mesfin's father's first name would have been Mesfin, while Abraham Mesfin's child might be called "Netsanet. Because the British were among the first Europeans to settle in North America, many modern American surnames can be traced back to. Originally, people had no use for surnames. They lived in communities that were small enough that it was unlikely people would have the same given name.

While given names have been used from the most distant times to identify individuals, the advent of surnames is a relatively recent phenomenon.[3] In Britain. In the English-speaking world, as recently as 1, years ago, people were primarily known only by their given names, what we today would. The names Pickering, Bedford, Berkley and Hampshire might have been given to migrants who left those places during the period of surname.

Many people were given surnames like Robinson or Williamson. Other obvious ones are Benson, Stevenson, Dickson, Robertson, Richardson, Jackson, Wilson . Many modern last names — also called surnames — can be traced back to medieval Europe, since Europeans were some of the first people to settle North. In , there were million Smiths, million Johnsons, and African slaves were given this name because it was the surname of their. Understanding surnames and given names can help you find and . In Mexico many surnames of Spanish origin were given to the native.