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What are the fibrate drugs

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Fibrates are effective medications in lowering blood triglyceride levels to prevent heart disease. See the review on using fibrates for impact on cardiovascular risk,' Drugs. Learn about the different types of cholesterol-lowering drugs--such as fish oil, statins, niacin, and fibrates--and their side effects.

In pharmacology, the fibrates are a class of amphipathic carboxylic acids. They are used for a In combination with statin drugs, fibrates cause an increased risk of rhabdomyolysis, idiosyncratic destruction of muscle tissue, leading to renal. Fibric acid derivatives or fibrates are regarded as broad-spectrum lipid lowering drugs. Their main action is to decrease triglyceride levels but they also tend to. Fenofibrate belongs to a group of drugs known as "fibrates." Lowering triglycerides in people with very high triglyceride blood levels may decrease the risk of.

"Fibrates” are drugs that cut down on how much triglycerides your body makes and can also boost your “good” HDL cholesterol. Examples include: Fenofibrate. One of the hallmarks of functions of fibrate drugs is the activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR). Fibrates, also known as fibric acid derivatives, are a class of lipid-lowering drugs that have the ability to affect all aspects of your lipid profile. Drugs in the fibrate family are used to improve levels of cholesterol and related lipids found in the blood. Fibrates are particularly helpful for individuals with high .