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What is line hidden chat

posted on 25.08.2018 by in Entertainment & Arts

When LINE introduced “hidden chats” feature with end-to-end encryption, it gave users the privilege to set time limits to their messages. Hidden. The newest version of LINE () includes the “Hidden Chat” feature, which lets users send time-limited messages to one another. When you hide a friend: • You can still receive chat messages from them. • They won't appear in your friends list, and will be moved to the Hidden users list.

Since Letter Sealing encryption is available for all LINE users, those who have been using Hidden Chat can now enjoy the same peace of mind. [LINE] LINE Introduces Hidden Chats, Allowing Users to Set Time Limits to Their Messages. LINE. Tokyo, Japan – July 22, – LINE Corporation. Destroy incriminating messages and photos Who says you can't make evidence disappear? With Line's hidden chat feature, you can send text.

Let me simply explain. ・When you hide someone. The person is deleted from your “Friends” list on LINE. You can receive “Chats” messages. Line has updated its mobile apps on Android and iOS with feature similar to Snapchat. The Japanese chat messenger has added a 'Hidden. These are top working line messenger app hacks, tips and secrets for It's a well researched Select Hidden Chat. Select after how long. Line, developed by a Japanese subsidiary of South Korean Internet giant Naver, said on its official website that its new “Hidden Chat” feature.