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You know what i saying

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To let the person your addressing understand what you mean. 2. Trisha: "Well, I know that you're saying 'you know what I'm sayin' a lot and I am about to hoof. This is an expression,what black people croftangleart.com they say/explain something, they ask you that question.(But you don't have to answer,just shake your head or . In casual speech it's fine to say things like “You know, I really liked that blouse you were wearing yesterday.” But some people fall into the habit.

When I do 'River Bank' and they go, 'Well, what else you got,' because it doesn't mention cutoffs and it doesn't do the things that everybody is complaining about. Alexis is not right for the job. You know what I'm saying?Alexis no es la indicada para el trabajo. ¿Sabes a lo que me refiero? b. ¿Sabes lo que digo? (informal). Sometimes we use phrases like, "(Do you) know what I mean?" It means do you understand what I am saying? And sometimes it means do you.

This is part of a wide range of comments occurring in conversation, ranging from ' Do you realise what I'm saying?' which asks you to pay.