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First kodak brownie camera invented when

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The Brownie was a long-running popular series of simple and inexpensive cameras made by Eastman Kodak. Introduced in , it introduced the snapshot to the masses. It was a basic cardboard box camera with a simple meniscus lens that took 2 In , Kodak produced the Brownie Starflash, Kodak's first camera with a. One hundred thousand of them were purchased during the first year alone. Eastman Kodak introduced the new Brownie dollar box camera in ; the. Find information and learn the history of the Kodak Boy Scout Brownie camera on The Brownie Camera Page, dedicated to past, present, and future Brownie.

The very first Eastman Kodak Brownie Camera, simply named The Brownie, was introduced to the public in February of This event had a. In , the Eastman Kodak Company changed the history of photography with its low-priced, hand-held point-and-shoot camera called the. His first "Kodak Camera" went on sale in , pre-loaded with enough film to Along the way, Brownies were there when history happened.

The name "Brownie" was a trademark used by Kodak for an enormous variety of cameras, over an year history. The common theme of all. The Kodak Brownie is one of the most important cameras in the history of photography. Here's why. When the Eastman Kodak Company introduced its new Brownie cameras in Approximately , cameras shipped the first year, triple the previous sales. The answer is when Kodak introduced the “Brownie” camera. George The first camera was only produced for about four months before a new model was.