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Nba 2k15 how to scan your face

posted on 27.08.2018 by in Science

One of the new features in NBA 2K15 is the ability to scan your face and put it on your MyPLAYER character. This feature is unique to the. A new feature announced for NBA 2K15 that will allow gamers to scan their face and place the 3D image on a customized player. The feature is only available. NBA 2K15 is now out in North America and there is a cool feature where you can scan your own face into the game. 2K Sports has now written.

Yes, NBA 2K15 and NBA 2K16 both had scanning options, but a player was limited to using either the Kinect camera on the Xbox One or the. Scanning your face into NBA 2K17 can be a little tricky, but the When the face scanning concept was first introduced in NBA 2K15, one of the. While the face-scanning tech can work really really well (see our thread for some great examples of it working right) it also can create beings of.

Come on 2k even NBAlive have moble apps for that. The Scan Your Face feature in the PC version of NBA 2K16 uses depth-sensing #7. Sounds like your 2K15 face will be imported. permalink; embed . It'd be great if 2K released a phone app like EA's NBA Live for face scans.