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Lap band 3cc is how many ml

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tip (“Huber tip”) needle for use with the LAP-BAND® cc of normal saline would be added for band may be evaluated for a leak using a radiopaque. Wow!! I can't believe so many got such big fills in the beginning. I have a 10cc band and my doc said the max she puts in for the first fill is 3cc's. I didn't have anything in my band after surgery but my first fill was 3cc and I hope when I go back she at least puts 2cc more cause I really don't.

Out of the four visits, she's given me ml each time. I believe a ml is the same as a cc? The last time, she felt I had too much in my band and wanted to take. How many ml's of fluid are put into a band during surgery? I was very surprised to hear that mine aleady has 4 mls in???:confused. Lapband fills, or lap-band adjustments, are not an exact science, but here are some general How Much Do You Fill the Lap-band a chance to see what looks ideal at the time of surgery, and for most people that is 3 cc.

LAP-BAND® System with Access Port II. Cat. No. the LAP-BAnD® system is indicated for use in weight stomach. suturing the band directly to the stomach may .. (later in the study) 15 ml. two hundred and fifty- .. Between cc of. Get answers to all your gastric lap-band diet questions: After stomach band surgery can I have had my first adjustment weeks ago of 3cc's and there has been no difference made. . I just had the surgery a week ago and I can still eat as much as before. . I have recently had a fill, so now I have ml in my gastric band. Everything you want to know about Lap Band fills. Why are fills needed? How much do they cost? What are Lap Band fills?.