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What does ttara hae mean in korean

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Question about Korean i meant ttarahae is wrong pronunciation. The correct pronunciation: Or do you want to know what does this mean?. Contextual translation of "ttara hae" into English. Human translations with examples: sorry, you can do well. Last Update: Korean. hae meaning. Contextual translation of "ttara" into English. Human translations with examples: saranghea, follow me. Korean. ttara hae.

I probably spelled it wrong but I hear it in almost every kpop song. I know what 따라해 means but what does the 'wa' part do?. suga opso: (ㄹ/을) 수가 없어: can't do Seems you only have a part of an ending, by itself it doesn't really mean anything. Ttara Hae. Jjeoreo (쩔어)is an indirect translation of Dope/Sick from the Korean language It uses this term in a way that means cool. Modu da ttara hae.

Note that is combined with the particle - % (or - ^ - £)-), which means “with,” And just to make things extra complex, in this case s verbs do lose their final 2 in happened to see her on the street today. y\ J5_. jega hae bolkkeyo Let me try it. ttaryeogo 44] o_ ttaseyo if 44 ttamyeon III 44 ttara Nominal mg 4, 4 7 1 ttam. Literally, the word 수고 itself is a noun that means “trouble”, “effort” or “hard work”. the work you are doing” or “continue taking the trouble to do it” but it is you can say 수고해요 [su-go-hae-yo] or even 수고해 if you are close. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary 1 Korean. Pronunciation; Etymology 1. Syllable. Etymology 2 Gonna do just what I've been doing. or Gwangju·jeonnamjiyeogeun gose ttara gureumi mani kkigesseuna daechero malgetseumnida. Janeneun jeon-gong-eul mueoseuro jeonghaenna ?.