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What is a manipulated variable in science

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In this lesson, you will discover more about how scientists design experiments. You will also learn the definition of the manipulated variable and. Definition of manipulated variable: An independent variable that is manipulated to achieve a particular effect or tested to determine if it is the cause of the effect. A manipulated variable is the independent variable in an experiment. In an experiment you should only have one manipulated variable at a time. In this context, the manipulated variable is the input that is controlled by the process operator or control system.

The manipulated variable, also called the independent variable, is the The controlled variable definition science uses essentially states that. Manipulated variable in the sense of research is the variable which you can change to keep other variable constant or assess the effect of manipulated variable. After you've chosen the general topic of your science fair project, Manipulated ( or Independent) Variable: This is the variable you will change.

Well a variable, in science, can be anything. More specifically, in an experiment , a variable can cause something to change, be the result of something that. The independent variable, also known as the manipulated variable, is the Any factor that can take on different values in an experiment is a scientific variable. Here is an explanation of what a variable is and a description of the different types of variables you'll encounter in science.