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What is the dollar bill game

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To start the dollar game, gather a group of 5 or more people, the more the better! Each person needs to have three $1 bills (a less taxing variation would be to. Liar's poker is an American bar game that combines statistical reasoning with bluffing, and is played with the eight digits of the serial number on U.S. dollar bills . Get ready to dive in and claim your share with a KOOL Summertime edition of the Dollar Bill Game! Just find a one dollar bill with a 1, 0, and 5 in the serial.

We had so much fun playing the KOLA Dollar Bill Game in that it's back for ! Starting Friday January 5th, we'll have lots of chances to win each week. One Winner Per Household during the contest period of Friday March 9, – Friday December 7, with the “Friday a KOLA Dollar Bill Game!”. YOUR VERY OWN $ BILL COULD WIN YOU $,! The $, Dollar Bill Game happens weekdays. Listen at am, am, pm.

You asked loud and enthusiastically: PLEASE BRING BACK THE DOLLAR BILL GAME! Since this is your station, we've listened. Three times every weekday through September 27th, you'll hear the official ' Dollar Bill Game' cue to call. When you hear it call XXX-XXXX. T's Lucky Dollar Bill Game! Turn Your Dollar Into BIG MONEY! Watch for U.S. dollar bills with "" in the serial number! When you find one, hold onto it.