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How to beat erde kaiser sigma

posted on 10.09.2018 by in Stories

I have defeated Erde Kaiser Sigma twice and writting how I did it in this FAQ so you may defeat him as well. Step One: Talk to the Dark. So i am just wondering what is the earliest time that i can hope to beat Erde Kaiser Sigma? As i read that i don't NEED the other Erde Kaiser. i heard we can obtain it by beating it, and we can fight it in ch3, so it is possible to get him there? if yes then any tips? if not then when is the.

Just gonna keep making threads Hope nobody minds. I used the cheap and most obvious strategy of Blood Dancer + Dark Erde Kaiser. Dark Erde Kaiser: Defeat Ω Id. Costs 80 EP; heavy fire attack to all enemies. Erde Kaiser Sigma: Defeat Erde Kaiser Sigma. Costs 99 EP; massive physical attack. I am trying to beat Erde Kaiser Sigma on Xenosaga 3 and it is impossible Guy kills with one hit, revenges most of your attacks and your.

Can't beat Shulk in chapter 99, ✖. Discuss the Ending, ✓ . But Erde Kaiser is german and pretty much means earth emperor. Looks quite cool. Before You Battle ID - I would wait to defeat ID until you get passed Abel's Ark ( which Erde Kaiser Sigma could easily defeated if you have Erde Kaiser, Erde.