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What is a general purposes committee

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(1) The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, Members of the Panel of Vice-Chairmen, Chairmen of all Standing Parliamentary. The committee carries out a number of functions on which the Cabinet cannot take decisions, including public rights of way, setting the Council Tax base and. Finance and General Purposes Committee: terms of reference. Purpose: • To be responsible to the Governing Body for the effective assurance of the.

Decision Making Body: General Purposes Committee. Membership: 10 Members of the authority. Functions: To exercise any function of the Council, which by. Finance & General Purposes Committee. Note: Under Article 9 of the Constitution of the National Rehabilitation Hospital enacted as of 1st January by the. General Purposes Committee. Please read our disclaimer. Agendas & Minutes · Agendas & Minutes · Agendas & Minutes · Agendas & .

The role of the FGPC is to act as a general purpose and executive committee with the power to act on all day-to-day matters not within the province of any other. The powers and the duties of the Licensing and General Purposes Committee are: (a) To consider all matters which the Local Authorities (Functions and. The Constitution & General Purposes Committee: Will keep under review all aspects of the Council's Constitution so as to ensure that it remains current and fit for. This Committee is responsible for a range of non executive functions, including electoral matters, personnel issues and appeals. It also has responsibility for.