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When youtube open in pakistan

posted on 25.08.2018 by in Stories

Watch the video to learn how to open Youtube in Pakistan without using any software or proxy website. So i hope you will enjoy this video tutorial. Please Subscribe the channel for more interesting and informative videos. There are certain purported links, but when I tried to open them, it told me the content could not be viewed in Pakistan. This shows that the. This is a list of websites blocked in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication from the search engines. In January , Pakistan reversed its block on YouTube, though allowing the PTA to block specific offending material.

Pakistan said on Monday it had removed a three-year ban on YouTube after the Google-owned video-sharing website launched a local version. Youtube officially unblocked in Pakistan * Pakistan lifts ban on YouTube after launch of local version Why doesn't the Government of Pakistan open YouTube ?. Pakistan unblocks video sharing site YouTube more than three years after it service providers had been directed to open access to YouTube.

YouTube went down for over 30 minutes for users around the world this morning. On February 23, , Pakistan imposed a ban on YouTube over Bihar's Kushwaha resigns as minister and quits NDA, says options open. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has officially directed Internet Service Providers to open access to YouTube in Pakistan. After YouTube. Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka get new YouTube homepages the local version of YouTube for Pakistan which will deliver country specific content. . change ip address so there is no effect whether youtube will open or ban. YouTube Alternative in Pakistan: 5 Video websites to watch or Though many of you must be using proxies to open YouTube, but you have to.