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How much does a oliver oc3 weight

posted on 23.09.2018 by in Tech

Production: Manufacturer: Oliver. Factory: Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Total built: vertical L-head. Oliver OC-3 Engine: Hercules L 4-cyl gasoline. Anyone out there have any idea of the weight of an Oliver OC3 with loader? Trying to figure this out to see if my light car hauler will handle it. How much does a OC-3 weight? I can't find this information in the owners manual !! My OC-3 does not have any extra equipement. Erik.

Get free Tractor Data and more for the Oliver OC-3 right here! Instant online access to serial number info, paint codes, capacities, weights and more instantly. A Oliver OC-3 crawler and a OC-6 crawler were restored by Buddy Webber's OC-3 was one of two parked alongside an orange grove in Florida for many years. Parts for old Oliver crawlers can be difficult to find; one of the few sources is . WEIGHT (dry, approximate), 3, pounds, 5, pounds, gasoline. I think dad used to claim the OC3 weighed 3 ton, the dozer weighed 8 ton. Logged They are almost the same tractor as the OC I got plenty of hours on the HG's. Collector and builder of many things. Love machine shop.

11 Results High Low Average . We think it is a , Meter reads Hours. Oliver Model OC-3 Crawler Tractor, Oliver Model OC-3 Crawler. Sometime after Oliver bought out the Cleveland Tractor Company in The Cletrac HG could be ordered with center-to-center track widths of Okay, there's an Oliver OC-3 with a dozer for sale up here, and I have a few questions. Are there any known problems with this series of machine? 4. . They were the Model T of the crawler world, so many got cheap quick.