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Stars who secretly hate each other

posted on 06.10.2018 by in Tech

In news that will devastate women of a certain age, it turns out that two of the glamorous foursome at the heart of Sex and the City can't stand. Unfortunately, a lot of actors are either as crazy as a soup sandwich or they've completely lost touch with reality. This list of co-stars who hated each other shines. 12 Famous People You Didn't Know Hated Each Other Humans can be pretty petty to each other. But, yeah, no -- celebrities aren't above being petty.

These stars did NOT get on well, to say the least. Revealed: 20 co-stars who hated each other's guts. These iconic on-screen couples fought all the time on set . The gloves are off in the long-simmering feud between Sex and the City stars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. Facing widespread media. The bickering best pal droids of the Star Wars franchise had an affectionate on- screen relationship rather like an old married couple, but behind.

22 Famous Celebrity Co-Stars Who Actually Couldn't Stand Each Other . Stern said, “Everyone sort of hates Anne Hathaway, and I've explained that I do too. 15 movie and TV co-stars who secretly hated each other, but hid it with acting. 15 movie and TV co-stars who secretly hated each other, but hid. to me but a dollar sign': 15 comedy duos who secretly hated each other Gallery: Culture stars who died in from Aretha Franklin to Geoff Murphy.