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What do you like in school

posted on 31.01.2019 by in Tech

What I liked most about school was those great teachers who were actually passionate about their classroom and students. They are one in a dozen and. "I like school because I get to do things that can't do at home and I love "I like my school because we recycle loads and we do loads of fun. What I like the most about school is reading and learning about history or S.S. I like reading because, it is full of creativity and action and is very.

School Prepares You For Your Future, Not Only the Job You Will Have, I Like To Be Kept Busy, I Always Must Have Something To Do, and. 年3月18日 大家好! I teach English on the internet (to Chinese students) and was wondering how to translate the following sentence: What do you like. What kind of knowledge and skills does a young adult need in the 21st century? What is really worth teaching and learning, and what kind of.

I liked math and Physical, as felipeh6 said It was a challenge that should be beaten and these subjects provide a great sensation when we. So, what do you guys like and dislike about school? Here are my likes and dislikes.. Likes: I like pushing the buttons of teachers and the fact. And most of all, we learn to be one big family. We do a lot of projects that involve teamwork at school. I also like my school's project-based. School is Vital. School, as stressful and tedious it sometimes may be, is definitely a crucial part of any aspiring individuals' lives. To be able to fully experience.