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What was the missouri compromise quizlet anatomy

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The Missouri Compromise was an agreement made in order to establish a balance between the number of free and slavery states. Act that superseded The Missouri Compromise and allowed the territories in that state to decide whether or not they were to be free or slave territories. People were afraid of the shift of power in congress, so Henry Clay came up with the missouri compromise, whuich stated missouri would be a slave state, but. Proslavery supporters from Missouri who traveled in armed groups and crossed into Kansas to vote in the election. Arsenal . Why was the Missouri Compromise of only a temporary solution for AYDEN Flower Anatomy Vocab.

Start studying Missouri Compromise Missouri wants what? Henry Clay introduces compromise to do what? Anatomy and Physiology (Part 2). The Great Compromise created a bicameral legislature, with representation in The three parts to the Missouri Compromise consisted of admitting Missouri as. Start studying missouri compromise & kansas nebraska act. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Missouri Compromise. () an agreement proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state. What is the Missouri Compromise and which individual is most responsible for it? Proposed by Henry Clay that admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state to conserve the . Anatomy and Physiology: Axial Skeleton Functions. In the North, the admission of Missouri as a state inspired a As a result of the Missouri Compromise what happened? Anatomy and Physiology Midterm. law that divided Indian territory into Kansas and Nebraska, repealed the Missouri Compromise, and left the new territories to decide the issue of slavery on.