Ladies of Today

This series is typical of my portraits. I like to show an attitude to their emotion and aspects of their life. All of these were done with nib pen/ink and brush in Windsor Newton Ink and Inktense pencils. Women take on many roles in today’s society, many are finding their place in fantasy or their jobs with masks to cover their attitudes.

Time Pirate

Time Pirate is an ink painting displaying how the Steampunk movement affects how women change themselves for it. I really liked this one so I made another…

Time Pirate

Time Pirate 2 gave the same turning look but I focused more on the time aspect that we are all up against by making a larger clock that winds down repeating the numbers as it goes. A bit of Alice and Wonderland down the rabbit hole.


Geisha I wanted to do after reading a book about the women’s role and watching the movie. I loved the colours that could be used and so many patterns in fans and robes. She is very sophisticated and with a subservient downward face with eyes still looking up showing her individual cares.







Rockabilly was made mainly for my future daughter in law that was a model at the festivals and very much into the whole scene. I learned a lot about how she feels and what makes her tick. The demure look is typical of how the women hold themselves… so classy.


Mermaid was for fun. I live by the beach and fascinated by water. There was a program on TV about women who dress as mermaids and perform at clubs in fish tanks and such. Just think of the masks that they have to wear to act sensual underwater.








1920s Beauty was my first exploring in this series. The era of dress is beauty coming out for women, their discovery of coming out of the background into the forefront of society.

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